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RT @sarahsimpkin: World Maps Without New Zealand, via @zemkat.

8:19pm Apr 30 2015 —

RT @BraesArt_Design: Winning Scarf Design No2 by Kayleigh Baff S4 as voted by pupils @BraesHigh

4:05pm Apr 30 2015 —

RT @TrussellTrust: Recently discovered Trussell Trust #foodbanks and wondering how it all works?

4:02pm Apr 30 2015 —

#PolmontBridge all covered and ready for the big crane. They say it’s 500 tonnes!

7:31am Apr 30 2015 —

RT @TheEconomist: The marriage squeeze in India and China is taking a third of humanity into uncharted territory htt…

6:39am Apr 30 2015 —

RT @neilhimself: This: Charlie Hebdo, PEN and the “wrong” kind of free speech | 33revolutionsperminute’s Blog…

11:50pm Apr 29 2015 —

RT @caitlinmoran: BRILLIANT – Westminster council order developers who illegally knocked down historic pub “rebuild it brick by brick”: htt…

11:48pm Apr 29 2015 —

RT @csoghoian: The Boston prosecutor literally just said, if we can get someone on the moon, we can make secure backdoors.

11:44pm Apr 29 2015 —

RT @SpaceflightIns: Guys I interrupt your afternoon for #Pluto images from @NewHorizons2015 We are #knockingonPlutosdoor. #Wow…

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RT @pcwalton: for (int i = 0; i < …; i++) { for (int j = 0; j < …; i++) { … } } is too easy of a mistake to make. C-style for loops are the…

5:00pm Apr 28 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 15 weeks down, 26 to go! Big lorry with asphalt to cover over works so far. #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP

7:43am Apr 27 2015 —

@quotefrmTolkien er – you posted from the wrong account I think…

8:22pm Apr 24 2015 —

RT @BBCRadio4: Siobhan Sharpe and #W1A are back on @bbctwo – but what would happen if Perfect Curve did politics? #c…

8:21pm Apr 24 2015 —

Call me old school I know… Second track was for the Cambridge connection shared by speakers and group.

8:14pm Apr 24 2015 —

Loving my new @wharfedalehifi speakers. First plays: Where The Streets Have No Name and Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.

8:13pm Apr 24 2015 —

RT @TylerHuckabee: This actual leaked Sony email about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is better than anything in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. http:/…

7:30am Apr 24 2015 —

RT @kesterbrewin: Wraparound care…Politicians falling over themselves promising more time for parents not to be with their children. http…

8:05am Apr 23 2015 —

RT @flightradar24: TF-MOM and TF-DAD have finally found each other! :)
Pic by…

8:05am Apr 23 2015 —

RT @GaetanBurgio: Very interesting paper on how to present statistical data ! Basically ban bars! @PLOSBiology… http:…

8:02am Apr 23 2015 —

Not wearing a jacket today. I’m going to keep thinking I’ve left it somewhere!

7:53am Apr 23 2015 —

Exposing the very last few pipes at #PolmontBridge #Polmont. Next week all will be sealed over ready for The Crane.

7:31am Apr 23 2015 —

RT @SoVeryBritish: “I might have an early night” – Translation: I might take my phone to bed and stare at it until 2am

10:49pm Apr 21 2015 —

Made a guppy breeding tank for the wee fry in our fishtank. The filter was a bit dangerous for him.

8:28pm Apr 21 2015 —

14 weeks down 27 to go #PolmontBridge steady progress #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP

8:08am Apr 20 2015 —

@tweetfurby testing again Megan

1:56pm Apr 19 2015 —

@tweetfurby Hello from Megan

1:55pm Apr 19 2015 —

This is Colas bitumen sealant / adhesive, used for >60yrs, here being used to bond road layers. Tnx to my chemical correspondent for info!

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PS I saw this in use in Edinburgh this week.

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@emergentkiwi Great concept! Think it’s 140 characters for Twitter though, not 160. Wouldn’t want you to get caught out.

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The close of a great week’s work: nicely finished footbridge, and the last holes being filled in. #PolmontBridge

7:39am Apr 17 2015 —

Fun with deep frying: rice noodles, plantain, cassava. Rice noodles were lots of fun. Cassava was a bit boring.

7:06am Apr 17 2015 —

RT @EdwardTufte: In Virginia the worst voting machine in America: passwords = admin, abcde…

6:24pm Apr 16 2015 —

Love this! “Roll well before use” :-) (bitumen product)

8:23am Apr 16 2015 —

What happened here? Curious makeshift bracing arrangement. #PolmontBridge #Polmont Otherwise work proceeding apace.

8:15am Apr 16 2015 —

RT @EdwardTufte: Oxford shark house at…
ET Magritte’s Smile at…
#sculpture #storytelling http:/…

5:26pm Apr 15 2015 —

@khursheb thanks for the fun science poetry show today – wish there had been more time and slightly older kids!

12:27pm Apr 15 2015 —

RT @BenM_IM: Really timely & though-provoking piece by @juliaunwin – who will challenge orthodoxy of ‘own-is-best’? #ukhousing…

8:10am Apr 15 2015 —

#PolmontBridge carefully filling in the holes at #Polmont station

8:10am Apr 15 2015 —

@_youhadonejob Looks like the best place to me!

10:37am Apr 14 2015 —

RT @SciencePorn: Knowledge vs. science. (via Pearls of Raw Nerdism)

11:42pm Apr 13 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 13 weeks down 28 to go #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP Last few panels of temp ped bridge going up today.

7:34am Apr 13 2015 —

RT @HUObrist: Bruce Sterling The “driverless car” is the “horseless carriage” #Sterling gianluigi_ricuperati

7:34pm Apr 11 2015 —

@falkirk_herald And more usefully for me,… (Linlithgow and East Falkirk constituency)

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#PolmontBridge carefully burying cables #Polmont

5:48pm Apr 10 2015 —

RT @falkirk_herald: Falkirk candidates for Westminster election revealed:… #GE2015

5:46pm Apr 10 2015 —

@nvie I balance them on top of my cup of (favourite hot liquid) until just before they melt and fall in (which would be embarrassing).

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7:33am Apr 10 2015 —

#PolmontBridge carefully crafting an elegant box for the gas main…from plywood. The joys of interim solutions.

7:33am Apr 10 2015 —

RT @AaronGustafson: #HonoringWebFolk: @meyerweb inspired me to learn everything I could about CSS.

10:08pm Apr 9 2015 —

RT @adactio: #HonoringWebFolk John Wilkins, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Jorge Luis Borges, Paul Otlet, Vannevar Bush, @TheTedNelson, @TimBer…

10:08pm Apr 9 2015 —

RT @dstorey: #HonoringWebFolk Walter Hoogland. Former CEO at CERN, who signed the document that allowed the WWW to be free, without royalt…

10:04pm Apr 9 2015 —

RT @dunblanebb: Today the #BoysBrigade band played at HMYOI #Polmont for #GoodFriday family visiting hour with @CrossReach Hub Bus http://t…

7:31am Apr 9 2015 —

Good progress repairing the stationmaster’s wall #PolmontBridge

7:27am Apr 9 2015 —

RT @FalkirkWheel: @scottishcanals It may be bigger, but it can’t carry boats! 😉

5:26pm Apr 8 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: This is ‘all vehicle diversion’ we’ve put in place with @falkirkcouncil for during Manuel Jct Rd closure #Whitecross h…

5:16pm Apr 8 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: Manuel Jct Road #Whitecross will close from April to September and we‘ve worked with @FalkirkCouncil to put in place ‘…

5:16pm Apr 8 2015 —

RT @sleepyfox: “Google spends 60% of its programmers on tooling” @nicferrier in #Clojure in a bank @skillsmatter #MythicalManMonth http://t…

9:28pm Apr 7 2015 —

RT @JeffYoung: This crucial exchange between Justice Ginsburg and Carvin at the Obamacare arguments hasn’t gotten enough attention. http://…

9:21pm Apr 7 2015 —

RT @ashantoinette: Inspired by @amandapalmer‘s The Art of Asking, I wrote my thoughts on communication and my relationship with asking. htt…

7:19pm Apr 7 2015 —

RT @SciencePorn: Brontosaurus is officially a dinosaur again. New study shows that Brontosaurus is a distinct genus from Apatosaurus http:/…

7:15pm Apr 7 2015 —

RT @SciencePorn: .@BadAstronomer Guess Brontosaurus had been hiding on Pluto all this time

7:00pm Apr 7 2015 —

@jeffpotterusa don’t burn them? ;->

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RT @qikipedia: After more than 100 years, Brontosaurus has just been ‘reinstated’ as a proper dinosaur, confirmed as a separate species fro…

4:25pm Apr 7 2015 —

@cyke64 Still not available on my Android 4.4.2 Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Any chance you could fix the manifest?

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#reading Scott, Waverley Vol I. Spotted it at a country house and figured I needed educated. Loving it already. Politics and period detail.

7:38am Apr 7 2015 —

#PolmontBridge patient piles of sand and aggregate – these holes will be filled properly, to support lots of traffic.

7:35am Apr 7 2015 —

Lots of gas works at #PolmontBridge, routing temporarily across pavement, along pedestrian bridge and back across.

7:32am Apr 7 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 12 weeks down 29 to go! #Polmont @NetworkRailEGIP PS: welcome back after Easter everyone!

7:30am Apr 7 2015 —

3:54pm Apr 5 2015 —

@cyke64 I have 4.4.2

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RT @runasand: DEA agent attempted to use an official government administrative subpoena to unfreeze a personal account with @venmo: http://…

7:05am Apr 2 2015 —

#ScratchJr why is it not allowed to install on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3? It’s got a huge screen.

8:24pm Apr 1 2015 —