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RT @elakdawalla: Showalter: small moons’ poles dramatically tilted. Nix is upside down (so rotates backwards). “Not chaos, but pandemonium.…

5:35pm Nov 9 2015 —

RT @FluffyMcDeath: @wikileaks The VW emissions control clause. Trust us when we say our software does what we say it does.

9:07pm Nov 5 2015 —

RT @KariByron: Why I have a political crush:
Asked why he went with gender equality in his cabinet today, Justin Trudeau said: “Because it’…

9:05pm Nov 5 2015 —

RT @ceejbot: Secret: your non-diverse team required lots of bar-lowering to build. You went out of your way to hire all those white guys in…

8:47pm Nov 5 2015 —

RT @jamie_love: TPP has a provision banning requirements to transfer of, or access to, source code of software

8:46pm Nov 5 2015 —

RT @larbertred: Tomorrow’s Daily Mail is all about female objectification.

Like usual.

8:38pm Nov 5 2015 —

RT @Snowden: “It’s only communications data” = “It’s only a comprehensive record of your private activities.” It’s the activity log of your…

11:39pm Nov 4 2015 —

RT @williamheath: Nice line at lunch today: “When MPs realise their web browsing histories will be on the dark web within about 50 secs..” …

11:38pm Nov 4 2015 —

#PolmontBridge #OHEL #EGIP just W of station, new electric gantries

8:33am Nov 3 2015 —

Don’t worry, the #PolmontBridge tag isn’t done yet :-)

8:31am Nov 3 2015 —

The old plaque is restored! Now on brick bridge foot (untouched by 2015 project) w nice lick of paint #PolmontBridge

8:29am Nov 3 2015 —

Steps are definitely open again at #PolmontBridge #Polmont Good to be back to normal at last.

8:26am Nov 3 2015 —

RT @xa329: .@mattblaze Lots of strategic lobbying & leaking to press going on before bill is published on Wednesday…

12:00am Nov 3 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: @JohnDalton6011 First wires went up between #Linlithgow & #Polmont #EGIP #electrification #OHLE

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RT @michaellegge: Very lucky couple who played a video of their kids loudly on train are now being treated to Master of Puppets by Metallic…

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9:06pm Nov 1 2015 —

A manager’s pitfall: striving to “add value”…

1:58pm Oct 30 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: Due to electrify main #Glasgow QS- #Edinburgh Waverley via #Falkirk High route by Dec 2016, #EGIP will deliver faster,…

8:05pm Oct 29 2015 —

RT @richardbranson: Why are Norway reoffending rates low? They treat prisoners as humans with rights & potential ht…

8:02pm Oct 29 2015 —

Safe pedestrian access is back, thanks @NetworkRailEGIP ! #PolmontBridge

8:30am Oct 29 2015 —

Half the huts have gone as #PolmontBridge completes. “Perfect Delivery” – just about!

8:36am Oct 27 2015 —

Progress on steps at #PolmontBridge but the pedestrian safety barrier was removed a bit early.

8:36am Oct 27 2015 —

RT @jasongorman: If all us programmers got together, we could convince gov’s there’s a growing shortage of variable names needing $billions…

7:57am Oct 27 2015 —

RT @SciencePorn: Definition of evil

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RT @SoVeryBritish: “Right, okay, see you then, take care, thanks, all the best, safe journey, cheerio, speak soon” – Translation: Bye

5:33pm Oct 26 2015 —

RT @TalkTalk_UK: Latest #cyberattack update, further information available at

5:29pm Oct 26 2015 —

RT @EffKayToo: @kw217 add the coop to that list too. Not sure all where affected by the bridge but a few definitely were

10:25am Oct 26 2015 —

Fault does not lie with @NetworkRailEGIP who ran #PolmontBridge project v smoothly. @falkirkcouncil @FCRoads allowed it to be done this way.

8:41am Oct 26 2015 —

All of these and several more either closed or moved out during #Redding and #PolmontBridge #EGIP projects. Not only cause, but significant.

8:39am Oct 26 2015 —

#PolmontBridge #Redding #inmemoriam Florist. Bridal. Braes Larder& Kitchen. Quarrys Cafe. Dentist. Gingerbread Cafe.

8:38am Oct 26 2015 —

#PolmontBridge back to normal on a Monday morning

8:35am Oct 26 2015 —

In the excitement, let us not forget the businesses that struggled and failed during the long #PolmontBridge and #Redding bridge closures.

8:34am Oct 26 2015 —

RT @shadesofsolveig: “97.7% of CandyCrush players play for free. The rest spent $1.3B in 2014. Why can’t musicians do this?” @BenjiRogers #…

8:10pm Oct 24 2015 —

RT @shadesofsolveig: “17% of music consumers are super fans. They are responsible for 61% of revenue.” #delighttheweird @benjirogers #diymu…

8:10pm Oct 24 2015 —

RT @waxzce: <input> I ♡ you, but you’re bringing me down… input in browser

8:08pm Oct 24 2015 —

RT @lxpollitt: Really looking forward to @docker 1.9 with libnetwork. It’s going to be great for lots of people. Calico is ready: https://t…

7:58pm Oct 24 2015 —

Impressive commitment from the Clarion on a driech morning!

8:06am Oct 24 2015 —

It’s true! #PolmontBridge is really open.

6:16pm Oct 23 2015 —

Love your enemies, pray for those who treat you badly.… @larbertred

12:23pm Oct 23 2015 —

11:53am Oct 23 2015 —

Well done team! #PolmontBridge #Polmont completed bang on time after 41 weeks.

11:52am Oct 23 2015 —

Woohoo #PolmontBridge open at last! Thanks @NetworkRailEGIP, and a welcome return to normality for all #Polmont

11:51am Oct 23 2015 —

Today’s job at #PolmontBridge, the only thing apparently remaining: stairs by Edinburgh platform.

7:39am Oct 23 2015 —

#PolmontBridge all shiny and ready for opening. No work after opening either – plan is to be all done today!

7:36am Oct 23 2015 —

Woohoo! Last day of this, as #PolmontBridge opens in 3½ hours!

7:36am Oct 23 2015 —

6:58am Oct 23 2015 —

#PolmontBridge delight in the community!

6:57am Oct 23 2015 —

RT @Duncan9474: @Keir_92 @NetworkRailEGIP @falkirkcouncil they didn’t put them out until everyone had parked today I think, hoping for bett…

6:56am Oct 23 2015 —

6:56am Oct 23 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: Delighted to confirm Station Rd #Polmont will re-open to traffic from noon tomorrow as NR Scot deliver another on prog…

6:55am Oct 23 2015 —

8:25pm Oct 22 2015 —

It’s the final countdown at #PolmontBridge!

8:09pm Oct 22 2015 —

RT @NetworkRailEGIP: .@kw217 15hrs Keith. You can start the countdown to #PolmontBridge re-opening. Well done for maintaining your photo di…

8:06pm Oct 22 2015 —

RT @nypl_labs: New online today!: 15th-17th c. German Master Prints… (& ~5000 more in coming months)…

4:16pm Oct 22 2015 —

Lines done at #PolmontBridge – really can’t be long now! Will it open tomorrow?

4:16pm Oct 22 2015 —

It’s true – the 20th century really wasn’t very believable.

11:57am Oct 22 2015 —

#reading James D. Young, The Two Falkirks is infuriating! Clearly so much knowledge, but there must have been an explosion at the printers.

8:36am Oct 22 2015 —

Sealing two trenches across the roadway at #PolmontBridge, while the road marking lorry sits ready behind.

8:00am Oct 22 2015 —

RT @TheEconomist: It’s 4:29 PM PST on #BackToTheFuture day—Marty should be here any second now…

11:33pm Oct 21 2015 —

RT @borderlands_sf: Warning: if you love @cstross‘s Laundry Files, you may lose entire weeks to this site- Didn’t …

11:32pm Oct 21 2015 —

RT @harribellthomas: “Your password contains invalid characters.” No, your startup contains incompetent engineers.

6:56am Oct 21 2015 —

Back to the Future day, for real this time! Going to grab my hoverboard.

6:52am Oct 21 2015 —

#PolmontBridge nearly there!

11:48pm Oct 20 2015 —

Attention to detail: #PolmontBridge cables tidied, leaves being cleared, something (?) going on below station steps

8:18am Oct 20 2015 —

#PolmontBridge pedestrian crossing at N end, working on station steps

8:18am Oct 20 2015 —

6 days until #PolmontBridge opens! Road on bridge done, working on N approach.

8:18am Oct 20 2015 —

The footpath to nowhere – #PolmontBridge E

8:18am Oct 20 2015 —

5:53pm Oct 19 2015 —

RT @EffKayToo: Almost optimistic! New wall et al 😀😀😀 #PolmontBridge @NetworkRailEGIP

5:52pm Oct 19 2015 —

RT @matthaig1: Love libraries. They aren’t just about books. They are almost the only public space we have left which don’t like our wallet…

2:35pm Oct 19 2015 —

Lots of kit involved in resurfacing! #PolmontBridge

7:42am Oct 19 2015 —

Lots of recent cleanup on #PolmontBridge: Gardens tidied, wall completed, duct tape removed. Still some cables to go

7:42am Oct 19 2015 —

Pedestrians on final footpath, workers putting final @TarmacLtd surface down on #PolmontBridge roadway now.

7:36am Oct 19 2015 —

#PolmontBridge #Polmont 40 weeks down, just one week to go until bridge opens! All hands on deck for final push.

7:34am Oct 19 2015 —

RT @MagsDickson: Simply brilliant…

8:15pm Oct 18 2015 —

RT @SciencePorn: If you have a pizza with radius “z” and thickness “a”, its volume is Pi(z*z)a.

6:00pm Oct 18 2015 —

RT @jrhennessy: [scene: branding meeting]
EXEC 1: Slogan could be punchier
EXEC 2: You’re wrong

1:17pm Oct 18 2015 —

RT @cyclingtiger: @GreatDismal I think thats true. There’s now a generational disconnect in technology levels so a declining skills transfe…

7:06am Oct 18 2015 —

#read Carpenter, Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien. Gives another angle on his works (& life, though he’d prefer only 1st). Poignant towards end.

11:06pm Oct 17 2015 —

Fab thread!

10:28pm Oct 17 2015 —

RT @0xabad1dea: From a Dutch history book: a fantasy about if they hadn’t given up New York. (That’s Dutchglish.)

10:22pm Oct 17 2015 —

RT @saniac: Our street is usually lined with church goers’ cars on a Sunday. Empty this morning. Another God has precedence today, I suspec…

10:20pm Oct 17 2015 —

RT @bbw1984: What Hunted’s TV fugitives can teach us about the surveillance state – via @guardian…

6:54pm Oct 17 2015 —

#read Clarkson, I Know You Got Soul. Fascinating ode to machines.

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8:04am Oct 16 2015 —

Fun with the #Blokus board this morning! M did this – 4-way symmetric, two ways!

7:58am Oct 16 2015 —

#PolmontBridge and here’s what they built in 1898:

7:04am Oct 15 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 1898 courtesy of the Museum of Scottish Railways, Bo’ness.

6:59am Oct 15 2015 —

6:58am Oct 15 2015 —

#PolmontBridge 1898 – removal. Huge pile of rubble on the line.

6:56am Oct 15 2015 —

#PolmontBridge pre 1898 – the previous bridge.

6:55am Oct 15 2015 —

While we wait for new #PolmontBridge completion, here are some 1898 pics of last replacement courtesy Museum of Scottish Railways, Bo’ness

6:45am Oct 15 2015 —

Wooden braces are down, but there’s still a lot of duct tape up there. Anyone got a tall ladder? #PolmontBridge

7:40am Oct 9 2015 —

New street lamps in, @TarmacLtd back to finish off the footpath. Nice temp ramp to Gla platform. # PolmontBridge

7:38am Oct 9 2015 —

RT @EffKayToo: (Painfully) slow progress continues #polmontbridge #polmont

4:35pm Oct 8 2015 —

You wait ages for a bus and then six come at once /cc @on_lothianbuses @edintravel

4:25pm Oct 8 2015 —

RT @helenlewis: Also, every young woman needs some Wendy Cope love poetry in her life. #NationalPoetryDay

9:47am Oct 8 2015 —